Recycled Material Coloring

Recycled Glass & Rubber Coloring from AgriCoatings

Recycled glass & rubber colorantsToday, there’s an ever-growing collection of uses for recycled glass and rubber products. AgriCoatings is pleased to be able to serve this expanding market with our high quality line of recycled glass colorants, and our effective and consistent system for recycled glass coloring.

Achieving the perfect, consistent color and look with a recycled product is key to its functionality and success. Recycled glass coloring from AgriCoatings is technologically advanced and fine-tuned for the best performance and results. It will help your organization to stand out from the crowd and produce a winning second-generation material or end product.

AgriCoatings also works with recycled rubber coloring, and colorants for various other recycled materials and applications. In addition, we also specialize in rubber mulch colorants.

Learn more about our processes, prices and the full line of recycled rubber and recycled glass coloring by contacting us today.