Recycled Glass Coloring

Recycled Glass Coloring & Colorant from AgriCoatings

Recycled glass coloring & colorantAgriCoatings has formulated an aqueous colored coating that can be applied to clear or colored recycled glass. Our recycled glass coloring can provide the solution whether the intent is to color clear glass to mimic existing colored bottle colors or to create shades that are not available in current recycled waste streams.

Post-consumer recycling has created sources of crushed glass that are being utilized in architectural products like terrazzo flooring, engineered stone, and concrete counter tops. Until now, the designer or architect was limited in color for recycled glass to prevailing bottle colors such as clear, amber, green, and blue.  The supply of recycled materials can be sporadic and vary by geography and market demand making consistent supply a challenge. That’s where our recycled glass coloring can provide an ideal solution.

The raw materials used in our recycled glass colorant are chosen specifically for their properties. The base urethane resin provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance when cross-linked and fully cured.  Lightfast grades of pigments are used wherever exterior durability is needed and a wide range of shades is possible.

The limited film thickness of our recycled glass colorants on each granule results in a somewhat translucent coating. This can be advantageous depending on the size, color, and clarity of the recycled glass being coated. Finely pulverized glass can mimic the appearance of white silica sand and is coated in the same manor. As the particle size of the granules is increased the shape becomes more angular and changes the coating’s visual effect.

A translucent color allows some of the light to pass through as well as some to reflect off the faceted edges resulting in a gemstone like effect. Unique shades can be achieved by utilizing recycled glass coloring over colored glass rather than clear glass.

The additive package within our recycled glass coloring is designed for optimum adhesion to glass providing for durability in demanding applications. To maximize the full potential of our product certain manufacturing guidelines should be followed. The glass granules to be colored must be clean, dry, and as free of dust as possible. Fine dust and stray particulate can consume a portion of the coating that was otherwise intended for the larger granules. This can result in a less vibrant color and a noticeable increase in color demand.

A typical use rate for our recycled glass colorant ranges from 0.75% -1.0% on the weight of glass. Some form of tumbling or medium intensity mixing is recommended to distribute the coating on the granules. For best results forced air-drying is recommended while some mixing continues to prevent blocking. Drying without movement can result in the granules adhering to each other and forming a solid block of material.

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