Colorant Equipment

Mulch Coloring Equipment from AgriCoatings

Command & Conquer with THE RENEGADE

At AgriCoatings, our ultimate goal is to provide the landscaping industry with economical, reliable and high-quality coloring equipment solutions. Therefore, with these goals in mind, we introduce THE RENEGADE, a portable, accurate, user-friendly pump system for injecting color into your process.

Whether you’re small or large, just beginning or experienced, THE RENEGADE  will provide you with the most economical way to dispense color into your equipment. Its consistent and accurate nature results in durable, vibrant and eye-catching colors. No matter what size operation you have or what kind of mulch coloring equipment you’ve worked with in the past, we’re confident with THE RENEGADE will be able to COMMAND & CONQUER any size mulch task at hand.

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