Stone & Pebble Color Treating

Rock Colorant for Pebbles, Stone & Aggregate

Rock colorant for pebbles & stoneAgirCoatings’ success in colorants for wood mulch led us to expand our products into rock colorant for pebbles, stones and other landscape related materials. We have developed a line of aqueous aggregate colorants designed to coat porous materials such as gravel, limestone, and recycled concrete. The same attractive and durable colors from our wood mulch line are available for stone coloring. The polymer and additive package has been designed to promote adhesion and long-term color durability and adhesion.

To maximize the performance of the rock colorant, the aggregate to be colored must be clean and as free of dust as possible. Fine dust and stray particulate can consume a portion of the rock colorant that was otherwise intended for the larger granules. This can result in a less vibrant color and a noticeable increase in color demand.

A typical use rate for our rock colorant for pebbles and stone is 1.5% coating on the weight aggregate. Additional water may be necessary to aid in the distribution of the coating, depending on the porosity of the surface. Some form of tumbling or low intensity mixing is recommended to distribute the aggregate colorants on the material.

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