Agricultural Color Treating

Agricultural Color Treating & Colorants for Aggregates

Agricultural color treatingAgriCoatings is an industry leader for high-quality agricultural color treating. In addition to coloring agricultural products of all varieties, and with many end-uses, we also produce a wide range of colorants for aggregates.

Our line of colorants for aggregates produces exceptional and durable all-weather appearances to match any application. It’s a perfect solution for gravel, limestone, sand and more, including colored wood.

Meanwhile, our system for coloring agricultural products produces wonderful, consistent and economical results. From fertilizer to agricultural compounds, we have the colors and the all-around quality to ensure you get what you’re looking for.

We can even provide custom shades for agricultural color treating, and you’ll never be disappointed with service or the final product you receive from AgriCoatings and American Colors, Inc.

Contact us for more information how our agricultural color treating and how it can be put to work for you and your company.