About Us

About AgriCoatings

AgriCoatings is a division of American Colors, Inc. which was founded in 1975 in Sandusky, Ohio. Since then, AMERICAN COLORS has provided the plastics and coatings industries with fine quality pigment dispersions. We have manufactured colorants in plasticizer, polyester, epoxy, urethane and aqueous systems for the most critically sensitive industries in the world. To meet those requirements American Colors has the most sophisticated testing equipment and state-of-the-art production facilities.

THE LANDSCAPE INDUSTRY demands systems that are dependable, durable, and color consistent from batch to batch. And, today, these systems must be economical. Our water-based dispersions offer the industry a vast selection of vibrant colors with excellent binding characteristics that will enhance the beauty of any landscape.

As an employee-owned company we are proud of our reputation and pledge to continue to be a leader in service, quality, and support to our current and future customers.

American Colors has locations in in Sandusky, OH, Lebanon, TN, Longwood, FL and Shanghai, China.